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For TAOK PolyMetric was asked to make a contribution towards the design brief program in discussing the Architecture of the Process. Several models, tools, instruments and perspectives were used to look at Libraries and Librarians of the future in a complete different way. For more information on the masterclass, workshops and tour follow the link TAOK. Another project delivered by PolyMetric was delivering field data from interviews of students and faculty from high schools in the Nijmegen and Arnhem area. These interview data were used to asses the feasibility of two new courses on Water Management and Real Estate Management. See the DHO Blog of  Jeroen Jonkman for more information.

PolyMetric made a contribution to the debate on the TAOK bu Rob Bruijnzeels

This video by Boer&Goeroe shows our contribution from PolyMetric in the TAOK (The Architecture Of Knwoledge) tour from Rotterdam, through Maastricht to Gent and back to Rotterdam again. In Gent a keynote lecture was presented on the future role and responsibilities of Libraries and Librarians.